Manage all of your valuable customer relationships in one simple place with Trello.

Seeing the Forest Through the Trees.

The future of making your photography business stronger relies on building and strengthening your partnerships with other small business owners in your community. But if your like me, it can be hard to keep track of each of the small tasks required to stay in touch, and build these valuable relationships.

This week I was reflecting on the dozens of coaching calls I have had over the last year with photographers in the StickyApps BootCamp. One thing that I think could help everyone in the program is to have a central place to keep track of all your small business partnerships. So you can easily track, and prioritize where you should focus your time.

Insert Trello. Trello is an awesome project management tool that we use on our team to manage all kinds of projects. We love it. So when I started looking at Customer Relationship Management tools (also known as CRM) there are literally dozens of software choices out there. But for the most part – they are all over kill and expensive. The good news is that we can get 90% of the most important CRM features – right in Trello for free.

If you are totally new to Trello – Start with this short video introduction.


Click here to grab a copy of this CRM template.
If you don’t already have trello account – you will need to create one first. (It’s FREE!)

This video shows you how to copy this template into your own account:



Finally, this video walks you through the whole process from Business to Research – all the way to Building the App.



Here is the link again to grab a copy of this CRM template.

I look forward to hearing your feedback in our facebook group.



Photographer, Educator, Tech Maven, and Entrepreneur, Nate is passionate about empowering others do more of what they love. He founded in 2012 to let all photographers easily create custom branded mobile apps for each of their clients, grow their word-of-mouth referrals. Now, the launch of StickyAPPS strengthens his commitment to helping all photographers build stronger businesses with more customers and recurring revenue they can count on all year long.