Elyse Destout & Rich Parske | Mobile Friendly Vendor Guides

One of the best parts about running this business is getting to see entrepreneurial photographers use StickyApps in ways that we hadn’t considered or intended.   Elyse Destout and Rich Parske are wedding photographers in Santa Cruz, California.  When they heard about StickyApps they jumped right on board and used it to bring an idea that they’d had for a while to life in a very short amount of time.  Using the StickyApps platform, they created a vendor guide that included vendors who they already had relationships with.  When they reached out to these people and showed them the app, every single person signed up to be in it officially.  With their easy, low friction, no sales approach what started as 8-10 businesses signing up for a $35 a month directory listing has evolved into larger and more lucrative packages that include custom website apps,  styled photo shoots and even business coaching.

According to Elyse and Rich, the apps sold themselves.  They quickly realized that they were offering something that people needed even more than they had imagined or hoped.  Many small business owners are embarrassed about their websites.  They know that they’re bad.  Some have spent a lot of money on sites that are inadequate and not functional.  The low monthly cost of a StickyApp is much easier to sell than a website that costs thousands of dollars. By starting off with the basics, a mobile friendly website that has strong images, a well written copy and contact information, small business owners are able to see the results quickly and are willing to move into more robust packages that include video, photo shoots, business coaching, etc….

Elyse and Rich’s story and advice is so good that it’s hard to pick a favorite part.  However, when Rich told us that their success with StickyApps has allowed him to quit his job as a building contractor, it made us really happy.

“When we look forward to November, December, January and think, what are we going to do?  Now we know.  Last year we didn’t have a clue but now we have something there that we can step right into and hit the ground running with.”

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Photographer, Educator, Tech Maven, and Entrepreneur, Nate is passionate about empowering others do more of what they love. He founded StickyAlbums.com in 2012 to let all photographers easily create custom branded mobile apps for each of their clients, grow their word-of-mouth referrals. Now, the launch of StickyAPPS strengthens his commitment to helping all photographers build stronger businesses with more customers and recurring revenue they can count on all year long.