John Newman | Working with a large organization

John Newman is a sports action and portrait photographer who has a day job in management and executive consulting.  He started out using StickyAlbums in his sports photography business.  He would create albums for teams that had the roster, calendar and 15-20 images in them.  At the bottom, there was a link back to his site where the images could be purchased. The albums were generating income and buzz about his business but not enough to allow him to do photography full time.  When he heard about StickyApps, he knew right away that “this was it”.  StickyApps would help him get to that next level.

In the short time that John has been using StickyApps he has sold apps to a private school and the church that it is associated with.  While we recommend starting with small, one owner businesses, a lot can be learned from John’s experience of working with these large organizations.

John casually mentioned StickyApps to the marketing director at his children’s school.  He wasn’t trying to sell it to her but as soon as she heard about it, she said, “That’s what we need”.  The opportunity to work with the church came from the school.  John says, “As soon as they see it, they get it.”  Small businesses and larger organizations understand that they need mobile friendly ways to share information.  By sharing the Marketing App that is provided in StickyAcademy, business owners are able to see that that this is something that can take their business into the future.

John isn’t giving up his full time job just yet, but StickyApps is helping him get closer.  The sale of these two apps will generate about $500 of recurring revenue every month.  While there has been a considerable amount of work on the front end, as time goes on there will be less work and the revenue will continue to come in.

About our Guest


Photographer, Educator, Tech Maven, and Entrepreneur, Nate is passionate about empowering others do more of what they love. He founded in 2012 to let all photographers easily create custom branded mobile apps for each of their clients, grow their word-of-mouth referrals. Now, the launch of StickyAPPS strengthens his commitment to helping all photographers build stronger businesses with more customers and recurring revenue they can count on all year long.